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File First Time Using Moodle?

Moodle 2 Student User Guide

URL Student Orientation course- v 3.3

Orientation on common Moodle modules version 3.3

URL UMO_Moodle Student Demo Course

Use the course to get familiar with Moodle.

URL Moye Library Resources

Designed to assist students in completing their academic research.

URL The UMO Writing Center !

The Writing Center at the University of Mount Olive offers free peer services to college
students in composing and writing academic papers.

The Writing Center offers assistance in composing papers of all academic disciplines.

With our carefully selected and trained Writing Coaches, we hope to assist students in
understanding their own writing process that will help them to become more
confident writers during their collegiate journey.

URL Office of Student Accessibility

The University of Mount Olive does not discriminate against any qualified student with a
documented disability. If you have a disability-related need for accommodations,
please contact the ​Director of Student Accessibility

URL Tutoring Services

The University of Mount Olive offers free tutoring to all students. If you would like to request a tutor, please email or call the Academic Resource Center at (919) 658-7868 or 1-800-653-0854 ext. 1170.

Page End Of Course Survey End Date

End Of Course Survey End Date

URL Course Evaluation Reports

For use by Teachers, Deans, and Chairs for accessing Course Evaluation Reports.